October 07, 2016

Lee Roessler's Helping Children in Uganda

"No Farm, No Food, No Food, No Life."

Fr. Edward Bwanika talks about his mission as Director of Villa Maria Children Foundation in Uganda during his visit to Camp Springs, KY.  The farm has been developed to provide food as well as funds to pay for clothing, school fees, and medicine for children in need.

March 18, 2012

Fish Farming

The fish farm is a way to provide food and income to support the needy children. It is our goal to teach the children practical skills to help them provide for themselves as adults.

March 11, 2012

Providing Homes & Care for Orphans

Villa Maria Children Foundation is currently providing food, education, and clothing for over 150 orphaned and at-risk children in Uganda. These children are placed in private homes with families and all their needs are provided by the Foundation. Your donation can provide resources to help this important ministry continue to grow.

July 07, 2011

Villa Maria's Amazing Story

The actual story of how we shared ideas and got a few other things put together to become Villa Maria Children Foundation is a long and emotional one. But the most important fact is that Jesus Christ is employing the hands, the eyes, they minds, the hearts and the energies of members of V.C.F. to reach out to intelligent but socially and economically disadvantaged children who would otherwise never attain education and self-fulfillment as adult citizens.

I appeal to all of you people of God, in fraternity, to continually pray for us at Villa Maria Children Foundation, that our goals become reality, for the greater glory of God.

Supporting With Agriculture

Poultry Farming

Eggs for the Children and for Market

May 21, 2011


Lord Jesus, continue to touch us as we pray for continuous healing in our lives, so that we might overcome all adversities and reach for the holiness that will be pleasing to God our Father. There is no more beautiful sight in the world than to see a family that is working together, feeling together, and above all praying together.